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As a home inspector, my goal is to give you an absolutely unbiased inspection. When a client is searching for the right house, they are looking at the character and layout of the home and how it will fit their lifestyle. As an inspector, I come in to see the functionality of the systems of the home, its construction, and its flaws. Whether I've been hired by the buyer or seller, my job is the same - to paint an accurate picture of the home. 

The home inspection reports are detailed and will include pictures and comments of items that are correct, small issues, and larger defects.  Included is an attempt to spend time on your roof, walking the outside of the home, inspecting the interior and its systems including electrical, plumbing, heating & cooling, and finishing with the attic and crawl space. Your report will include a ton of pictures and some video, and are often completed the same day as the inspection.


The State of Montana recently put into place licensing requirements. My state certification number is HI0214. I am also a certified home inspector. InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) provides access to training and certification that helps ensure that your inspection is done right! The state requires 40 hours of annual training, which I far surpass. 

Review our Code of Ethics.

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